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Our Approach

In order for any company or organisation to sustain itself and be competitive in its market, it needs every person functioning at his or her optimal level.

This means that all team members are creative, self-motivated, passionate and committed in their roles and responsibilities.

They need to share their innovative ideas with their colleagues to work effectively and collaboratively for the benefit of our partners.

Therefore our approach is to work with our partners to achieve greater penetration into emerging markets.

Our Mission;

  • To determine our customer’s needs and aspirations by proposing and providing optimum services to satisfy their need by providing quality commodities at competitive prices.
  • Ensuring committed reliable services, gaining customer trust and developing strong professional relationships with our customers and their personnel with a view to long lasting relationships and repeated services.
  • Continually seeking to improve our services by carefully listening to our customer’s needs.
  • Maintaining confidentiality where required and uphold our values and business ethics.

Company Strategy;


  • To provide assured quality services that exceed our customer’s expectations and aspirations and providing added value to their operations.
  • Our values are loyalty, honesty, integrity, reliability, transparency and mutual respect.


  • To develop SGG name throughout our operating regions, while expanding our services and customer base.

Meet the Team


SGG Management;

Our executive professional management team comes from a background of successful management positions with over 40 years experienced in working with clients on large projects.

Over many years of experience in the MENA region we have established a comprehensive network of potential client contacts.

Tony Byrne

Regional Director 

MENA Region


Email; tony@synergyglobalgroup.com


Geoff Pollitt

Project Director 



Email; geoff@synergyglobalgroup.com



Sales Manager

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