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Working in partnership with Bonasystems , we help clients to achieve higher standards of cleanliness, hygiene, and safety (non-slip) on their hard floors.


Bona Grip

Bonasystems Grip is the market-leading anti-slip treatment for tiles, stone, and other cementitious surfaces. By microscopically altering the substrate, the treatment promotes increased wet slip resistance in two ways: first, the heel has a greater surface area in contact with the surface, second, more water is dispersed away from the heel.

Traditionally, the two options for increasing slip resistance on these types of surface are etching and coatings. Bonasystems Grip has advantages over both: the slip resistance produced by an etching process does not last and is extremely difficult to keep clean; Bonasystems Grip comes with a five-year guarantee. Coatings will typically alter the aesthetics of the floor and will wear away over time; Bonasystems Grip is actually part of the floor itself.

Treatment with Bonasystems Grip increases the anti-slip properties of floors without affecting their appearance or texture. Easy to clean and should remain effectively for up to five years. Treatment will reduce maintenance costs for up to five years, as harmful substances cannot penetrate the breathable finish.



  • Waterbased biodegradable cleaner sanitiser ideal for use on bare foot traffic wet floor areas, i.e. poolside, spa, shower and changing rooms and also suitable for use in kitchens, schools, nursing homes etc
  • Undiluted removes stubborn ingrained dirt from floors
  • Can be used on most hard surface floors as a daily maintenance cleaner ideal on Altro, vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, stone, resin, concrete, terracotta, reconstituted stone and granite surfaces
  • Specialist hard surface anti bacterial daily maintenance floor and wall cleaner formulated to be effective against (Community acquired) MRSA and pathogenic odour causing bacteria and viruses
  • Effective cleaning solution for high risk areas such as health clubs, swimming pools, schools, nursing homes etc to reduce the risk of MRSA infection
  • Use as a daily or weekly deep cleaner for all hard surface floors and walls
  • Apply by spray or sponge to shower walls, to restore tiles and grout to their natural colour and appearance
  • Can be applied undiluted for deep cleaning to 1:12 for daily cleaning and sanitising
  • Colour coded with mild fragrance during cleaning process
  • Leaves no residues or odours after rinsing reducing the potential for further bacterial build-up
  • Easy to use instructions, can be used with all professional cleaning machines




  • Cleans and removes grease, soap, shampoos, scum, body oils, mildew, scuff marks, organic deposits and general surface dirt from areas that have been neglected.
  • Ideal for use on natural stone, granite, altro, vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, terracotta, terrazzo, resin floors, paviers and concrete.
  • Suitable for showers, changing rooms, kitchens, schools, nursing homes etc where effective professional cleaning is required
  • Undiluted removes stubborn ingrained stains and heavy soiling
  • Highly concentrated can be diluted according to use
  • Effective maintenance cleaner for sealed surfaces.
  • Cleans without damaging the surface
  • Ideal for standard basic cleaning of acid sensitive stone
  • Can be diluted 1:50 for use with a floor cleaning machine for large areas




  • Particularly effective on tiled and resilient (lino, Altro, etc) floors.
  • Can be used as a daily maintenance product
  • Is detergent free, solvent free and surfactant free
  • Leaves behind no residues so doesn’t compromise slip-resistance
  • Specifically designed to work alongside our combo-pads for maximum effect and results.

Bonasystems Zero is a specialist detergent free floor cleaner to be used alongside a Bonasystems combo-pad. It removes deeply ingrained dirt from micro-porous surfaces and maintains cleanliness when used daily. Detergent free means no residues are left behind to compromise slip-resistance.



  • Removing limescale/calcium deposits from floors and walls, ideal for use wet floor areas ie. poolside, changing rooms, showers and bathrooms
  • Removing ingrained soiling and most external and internal foot traffic contamination
  • Dissolving soap and grease residues, bodyfats to swimming pools, spas and shower areas
  • For use on ceramic tiled floors, altro floors and ceramic wall tiles
  • Removes grout residues, cement films, efflorescence, rust and chalk deposits
  • Removes calcium deposits and will restore the original surface texture and appearance of floor tiles without damaging the original substrate, grouting compound or fixing agents
  • Odourless and easy to use on floors and walls
  • Combined descaler and detergent for all acid resistant surfaces
  • Completely miscible with water
  • Easy to use with all professional floor cleaning machines, can be used manually with floor pads and brushes
  • May be used as a periodic deep cleaner and light maintenance cleaner for removal of limescale/calcium




  • Quick and easy to use
  • Water based
  • Ideal for use with Professional cleaning machines
  • Biodegradable
  • Fragranced
  • Removes stubborn ingrained soiling from shoe traffic
  • Professional penetration anti-slip floor cleaner
  • Removes ingrained dirt form hard floor surfaces
  • Increases slip resistance,, especially in wet floor areas ie poolside, shower areas, changing rooms, sauna & steam rooms, spa and waste gullies. Idea for use on ceramic, porcelain, quarry & concrete tiles including altro floors.



  • Renovates tile surfaces to their original texture and appearance
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Will lift and remove stubborn calcium
  • Water based
  • Biodegradable
  • Removes stubborn soiling and rust
  • Ideal for use with professional cleaning machines
  • Renovates heavy ingrained dirt from hard floor surfaces
  • Ideal for use on wet floor areas i.e poolside, shower floors, changing rooms and waste gullies
  • Removes ingrained dirt from ceramic porcelain and quarry tiles, concrete tiles and altro flooring.



  • Renovates tile surfaces to their original texture and appearance
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Will lift and remove stubborn calcium
  • Water Based
  • Ideal for use with professional cleaning machines
  • Biodegradable
  • Odourless
  • Removes stubborn soiling and rust
  • Removal of heavy duty calcium & lime scale build up
  • Ideal for use on ceramic & porcelain tiles and altro flooring
  • Can be used on poolside tiles, shower floors, changing room floors, sauna, steam room and kitchen floors



  • Bonasystems Seal is a proprietary, water-based impregnating seal. It is designed for stone and cementitious surfaces where it sits just below the surface and prevents deep staining from oil- and water-based contamination. This makes cleaning and maintenance more straightforward.

    Bonasystems Seal has been used with great success on large public buildings such as railway stations, shopping centres, leisure centres and office blocks.